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Ice Cream Club

“Let’s make ice cream!”

Legit how it all started. It was 2016 and we were chatting about our obsession with ice cream during one of our weekly long distance calls. At the time, Tiffany was in Regina, SK finishing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing while Anita just graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree in Calgary AB but opted to dive into the family business instead. As cousins (and besties) we’ve always been super in sync, a little spontaneous and constantly down for an adventure, so we decided to just go for it!

Our love of ice cream started with the bright yellow bins of No Name ice cream. Cookies and cakes weren't common in our first geneneration Canadian households, but we could always count on a 4L bin of No Name Neapolitan. Ice cream has been our go-to treat since we were little and as adults we found ourselves wishing for more diverse flavours - that's what pushed us to start this little passion project.

We opened up “shop” in Spring ‘19 with a tiny pop-up tucked away in our family diner, John’s Breakfast & Lunch. We’d work our day jobs then excitedly jump into our side hustle of handcrafted ice cream. The diner became a test lab for all the fun (and sometimes failed) creations - shout out to the fam for helping us with dishes, feeding us, and simply supporting us. Our dream was to one day open a scoop shop specializing in unique flavours inspired by our roots. 

This dream became reality in 2023 and we’re thrilled that our humble little side hustle turned into our main gig!

Milk Ice Cream Club specializes in unique flavours that are fiercely adventurous and nostalgically sweet. 

Our ice cream is handcrafted with care and we take pride in creating unique and adventurous flavours. We find inspiration everywhere - our upbringing, local products, travel, and just interesting ingredients we come across. A lot of the flavours we create are influenced by our Chinese/Vietnamese roots and by childhood nostalgia. We love creating flavours that we grew up with and we hope that some of these flavours resonate with you too.

Keepin' it real.

We keep it real here at Milk. We strive to represent our roots, promote diversity, and do good for our community. We use real ingredients and collaborate with local businesses whenever we can to bring you fresh & fun ice cream, one small batch at a time.

Anita & Tiffany

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